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Last Update: 4/13/2006 5:47 PM
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Fedelissimo del DMC!
4/13/2006 5:47 PM

(powered by Martor and Paul)


Welcome everybody from outside Italy!

Even though writing in this section doesn’t require a subscription, you may want to join the Ducati Monster Club community by creating your own FreeForumZone (FFZ) account; this will give you the chance not only to take part into all other threads but also to send and receive private messages (FFZ mail) to and from other community members.

Here below you’ll find a complete guide to subscription, to help you to properly fill in the form (which is available only in Italian, so far, and, frankly speaking, it’ s a mess even for local people!).
Here we go!

By opening the home page of DMC Forum you'll find a clickable button "Nuovo utente" on top right: this means "new account" and will open the subscription form.

As usual, first step for subscription is to agree on the rules in order to allow the Community's owner to process your personal data, mainly the information you'll fill the form with, and traceability of your IP and DNS in case of a Police inquiry [hopefully only theoretical!]. To do this, you should flag twice the word "acconsento" (I agree) and the statement you are older than 14 (last line in figure below). Then press the button "Accetto" (I accept) and you'll be into the subscription form.

First part of the form is about required data. Following the image you can see here below, they are:
Conferma password (1) --> confirm PW
[BUTTON] Password automatica (2) --> automatic PW

Following, there is a list of rules to choose your PW (3) meant to offer the best security:
- PW must be at least 8 characters
- PW must NOT contain the username
- PW must NOT contain the sequence 123
- PW must contain at least one alphabetic character
- PW must contain at least one numeric character
- PW must contain at least one special character (i.e. #, @ and so on)
The last line ask to re-type PW to be sure you typed it correctly.

[BUTTON] Suggerisci password (4) --> Suggest PW, is quite self-explaining uh? [SM=x35578]

E-mail --> is the address where you'll receive your activation code and all data in the form you're filling, including username and PW. Keep a copy of it, for future reference!
Conferma email (5) --> confirm email (see "confirm PW")

Next part of the form is about your personal data: this information is public (it will appear on your profile), you can leave it blank and modify it whenever you need it, after your account is activated. Your profile will indicate:
Nome --> Name
Cognome --> Surname
Indirizzo --> Address
Città/Provincia --> Town
Età --> Age
Sesso --> Gender
Occupazione --> Job
Home page
Telefono --> Phone
Foto personale --> Personal photo
Icona --> (also: avatar)

Last part of the form is about forum settings:
Nascondi email? --> Hide email (other users can send you email but won’t see your address)
Invio email utenti? --> Allow users to send you email?
Mailing list dei forum/utenti/admin? --> FFZ forums/users/admin mailing list
Accetto voti? --> Accept votes?
(suggested: yes to all, except votes)

The “firma” (signature) box allows you to create your own signature.

Next (and last, at least!) step is to click the “registrati” (register) button.

Once the subscription form is filled in, you will receive your activation code by e-mail: click on the link and you will be redirected to the login page.
From then on, you will be a member of the FFZ community, and of the Ducati Monster Club forum.

Enjoy! [SM=x35577]
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