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Roads, accomodation and mc clubs in Italy (north)

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    00 6/15/2005 12:08 PM
    Me and a friend are going to Italy next week with my bike (a beautiful M900 Sie)and were thinking going around in the north and in Toscana (don't have more time to explore the south).

    I've read some about the area, but now I would like to have some personal recommendations.

    So please, share with me YOUR favorite roads in these areas, nice accomodation (pensiones, hosteles, etc), friendly (!) motorcycle clubs, other places of interest (Bologna is, of course, already on the list...), or whatever you would like to tip me about.

    Hablo espanol, así que entiendo un poco del italiano... Voy a Italia la semana que viene (al norte hasta Toscana) y necesitaría un poco de recommendaciones personales sobre caminos, accomodación (hostales, pensiones, etc), clubs de motos, otras cosas de intrés.


    Martin [SM=x35610]
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    00 6/15/2005 12:36 PM
    Good Idea Marp46,

    Concerning North-West I can suggest you my region. Aosta Valley has beautiful roads, echanting landscapes, good food and superb drinks.

    Roads you should do in my region are:
    - the Route SS.26 from Courmayeur to Pont-St-Martin;
    - the Route from Arpy up to Col San. Carlo and down to Cogne and up again to Petit. St. Bernard pass to France (Arpy is between Aosta and Courmayeur, closer to the second one);

    - the Route from Aosta to Grand St. Bernard Pass (not tunnel) and on the way down back to Aosta If you have enough time to spent take the turn to Valpelline and go straight up to the Pacemoulin Dam! Very Impressive!

    - 20km above Aosta you should also try the road called "Salassi", go along the SS.26 and in Saint. Pierre take the road to Saint. Nicolas, there you'll find a nice restaurant and bar, than continue to Avise (in few words at the first hairpin-turn after the village going up do not go straight but do it an go ahead following direction to Avise)

    - In my town Saint Vincent try the road to Col de Joux;

    Concerning accomodation, we can arrange by hosting You, but let us know in advance the dates.

    For eating and drinking if you came you'll see...

    to have ideas of the places click here

    Have a nice stay! finger V sign!
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    00 6/15/2005 5:36 PM
    Hello marp46
    i could suggest you into tuscany roads and cities....

    first of all, i suggest you the route from Montecatini Terme to Abetone, about 56km in 1h 45 minutes of appenninic road.

    Another route is from Volterra to Follonica, about 83km seeing city likes Volterra, Pomarance, Massa Marittima... you can cover this roads in 2 hours. (up and down on metal hills).

    If you love medieval cities and good routes .. i can suggest you the road from PoggiBonsi to Volterra... throwing San Ginese..

    Another beautiful tuscany route is from Florence to Siena.. a full zone of hills and good wine...

    And.. if you come to tuscany... you don't like to visit us????

    You are welcome in Lucca... to know us... if u would more information to accomodation... tell me the zone... and i'll try to help you...

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    00 6/15/2005 11:55 PM
    Great marp46!

    Can i suggest?
    If you haven't visit tuscany, you NEED, and i repeat, you NEED visit Florence!
    It's one beatiful city in the world!
    and in that occasion, you can drink a "desmobeer" with dmc - florence the thursday evening, at 22.00 o'clock..
    you can't missing this..[SM=x35595] [SM=x35595] [SM=x35595]

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    00 6/16/2005 9:14 AM
    Hola Martin,
    Yo soy de Arezzo, si pasas de mis partes, puedes llamarme así te explico de persona dónde puedes ir…

    Hello Martin,
    I am of Arezzo, if you pass from my parts, you can call me so I explain you of person where you can go…

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    00 6/16/2005 7:28 PM
    for all recommendations, etc. [SM=x35588] I will try to locate all places on the map. Just bought one that covers the north of Italy and down to Toscana. It seems very detailed, so I hope to be able to find everything.

    We haven't made any real plans, just entering through Austria and then go around and just have nice time... As far as I've been told, there are nice roads EVERYWHERE.


    Martin [SM=x35587]

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    00 7/17/2005 6:13 AM

    We did go to Italy, but stayed in the north east region. Fantastic scenery and roads!!!! Then we headed down to Trieste where we stayed in a friends apartment for a week. Just relaxing and enjoying the beach and nice people.

    Thanks again for all recommendations, etc. Next time I will try to visit some of the regional clubs.

    Martin :-)